The Samsung Galaxy S8 launch now has a date and so is the LG G6. The G6, as we all know, will be introduced in Barcelona, Spain next week on February 26. It will be one of the main attractions at the MWC 2017 event. Pre-order will start on March 2 and will go on until the 9th before it starts shipping the next day.

As for Samsung, it won’t be unveiling the Galaxy S8 next week but may be showing off the device to a select group of suppliers and customers. The new premium flagship phone will be delayed and now we’ve got a date. Contrary to previous reports that it’s going to be an April launch, Samsung decided on March 29. It will be a special announcement in New York before the commercial release beginning April 21 in select key markets worldwide. There’s no word yet when pre-order for the Galaxy S8 will begin but definitely anytime between March 29 and April 21.

For this year, LG is way ahead of Samsung in releasing a premium flagship phone product. Samsung had to delay production and launch of the new Galaxy S8, no thanks to the Note 7 fiasco. It already ended but Samsung still needs to do some more Quality Assurance tests as part of enhanced protocols.

The April 21 launch will not only be for South Korea but globally so more people get to enjoy the new mobile device at about the same time. We’ll just have to wait for official announcements from various networks, carriers, and retailers. LG is also expected to make similar announcements earlier than Samsung.

VIA: Korea IT News