LG G2 Android Lollipop

We almost forgot about the LG G2 since the leather-backed G4’s April 28 arrival is being anticipated but the 2013 flagship phone from the South Korean tech giant is ready to received Android Lollipop. When Verizon released the Lollipop software update for the LG G2, we knew both AT&T and T-Mobile will soon follow. It’s not really a surprise since we spotted a Lollipop-powered G2 on video back in January and LG confirmed it last year after the new mobile OS from Google was announced.

It may have taken almost half a year before the LG G2 received the Lollipop sweetness but it’s finally here ready for download from the two mobile carriers. There is a slight difference between the two versions though. AT&T is releasing Android 5.0.1 while T-Mobile is rolling out Android 5.0.2. Both versions should have no impact on data or settings but as usual, backing up files and contacts to a computer is advised.

These Android Lollipop updates are ready for download from T-Mobile and AT&T. LG G2 owners should be receiving Over-The-Air notifications (FOTA for AT&T) anytime now. But if you’re getting impatient, you can update manually by going to Menu> Settings> General and then select ‘About phone’, if you see ‘Software update’, click on it and then choose ‘Update Now’. Phone should be ready to receive the sweet update.

As with most Android Lollipop updates, these two include Material Design elements, a lot of bug fixes, and changes on notifications. AT&T’s version will remove some features like Browser Bar, Famigo, Beats Music, and AT&T Code Scanner.

SOURCE: T-Mobile, AT&T