We’re done ranting about being duped by Lenovo. We won’t dwell on it anymore since there is no point. We simply shared with you our opinion and there’s nothing we can do. The notch is there as a step closer to an almost bezel-less display. The fact that Lenovo made us anticipate something that is not real is unfortunate. Next time, we’ll take everything with a grain of salt especially if it’s just a teaser. We’re not gonna mope forever so we’re still looking forward to getting our hands on one and the Lenovo Smart Display.

The Lenovo Smart Display was announced earlier in January. It brings Google Assistant right into your smart home so you know what you are getting. Now up for pre-order is the Lenovo Smart Display that comes equipped with a 10.1-inch screen, Wi-Fi connectivity, smart home support so you can control other smart displays from a compatible device.

The Lenovo Smart Display is just one of the few smart displays entering the smart home market. There are similar devices like the Google Smart Display, LG ThinQ Google Assistant Smart Display, and the ARCHOS Hello. We know more will be unveiled the rest of the year but for now, allow us to focus on the Lenovo Smart Display that just went up for pre-order on B&H with a $229.99. We can access the link on the website but there is no image available.

We’re not sure if the retail site made a mistake by posting the device early but there’s nothing really to hide since we’ve already got our hands-on feature months earlier. We know more about it including the 5MP front-facing camera for taking selfies and 720p HD videos. It offers a 10.1-inch screen, Google Assistant functionality, WiFi, and some microphones so you can “talk” to the device. Simply put, it’s a smart speaker but with a screen for touchscreen navigation. You may even say it’s just another tablet but with the sole purpose of being spoken to.

Like the other smart displays we already know, this one will ship in July. Feel free to place your pre-order HERE. Expect to have a special smart device that will listen to you and play your favorite music playlist when you need some cheering up. It can play your favorite movies or TV shows as well while it does help you multitask from searching information, making calls, receiving video chats, checking your calendar, and finding the quickest router among others.

With the Lenovo Smart Display, you can do many things from task management to photo previews, controlling other smart home devices to casting via Chromecast to taking photos to looking up for whatever kind of information you need. The device comes with a minimalist design that is just ideal for any room or style. Other features of the Lenovo Smart Display include a pair of dual-array microphones, eMMC flash storage, wide-angle camera, IPS touchscreen display with 172-degree wide-angle viewing, camera shutter, volume up-down buttons, and microphone mute. It offers a full-range 10-Watt speaker and works with select home automation brands and the Google Assistant.