Who needs Amazon Echo show in their lives? Apparently not Google due to their well-documented ongoing issues with Amazon which has seen both companies remove their products and services from each other’s respective devices. And now, they’re actually hyping up the competition even more through this new device, the Lenovo Smart Display, to be unveiled at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The smart device with the full HD touchscreen display has Google Assistant built into it so you can make it more useful, more personalized, and more importantly, hands-free.

The Lenovo Smart Display comes in either an 8-inch or a 10-inch display and with its “clean, minimalist design”, it can fit into your home and even add a modern design to it. You can choose either a soft grey or natural Bamboo color and you can position it either vertically or horizontally, depending on where you want to place it in your living room, kitchen, or bedroom. And it can also double as a digital picture frame as it can showcase a selected folder from your Google Photos or a background photo that you want to display all the time.

But of course, the more important aspect of the Smart Display is that you can use Google Assistant to access things like the weather forecast, your schedule for the whole day, directions on Google Maps for your meeting later, set up routines for when you’re going out or coming home, play videos on YouTube (take that Echo Show!), and make it into a command hub for your connected smart home devices.

The Lenovo Smart Display comes with a 10-watt full range speaker built-in, is powered by the Qualcomm® Home Hub Platform based on the Qualcomm SDA 624 SoC and has both Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity. The 8-inch device is priced at $199.99 while the slightly bigger 10-inch variant starts at $249.99. They will be available this summer but they are on display at the CES 2018 this week.


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