Google launched the Chromecast with support for a few services. Those include Netflix and YouTube as well as Google Play movies, television and music. Since then we have seen a few others come forward promising support. Those others have included Hulu, HBO, Vimeo and Redbox Instant, but it looks like some still not-yet-available options are going to open the Chromecast streaming options a bit further.

These other options are coming from Koush at the moment. Earlier in the week he demonstrated how he can stream anything from the handsets Gallery to the Chromecast. This means pictures and videos that are stored on your smartphone or tablet. Certainly useful, but a follow-up video is now offering a look at how he is streaming content from Dropbox.

Keep in mind, this comes without any official support from Dropbox. Basically, it looks like Koush has set this up using the standard Android sharing options. As you will see in the video, he opens up Dropbox on an Android smartphone, navigates to a video stored in the cloud and taps on it. From here you click to “share” and then choose the Chromecast option.

As one would expect, this has the video running on the television where your Chromecast happens to be plugged in. Seems simple enough, though there is a few second delay from when you tap to share and when the video starts. Aside from using Dropbox, it looks like this will extend to other cloud services as well. Koush mentioned that he can also stream from Google Drive.

Now for the disappointing part — this app, just like the one we saw earlier in the week have yet to be released. More to the point, due to the current restrictions with the SDK, he is unable to release these apps just yet.

SOURCE: Google+