He should need no introduction at this point, but the popular Android modder and hacker Koush has been busy working on some new treats for Google’s Chromecast device. It’s only been available for under a week, is sold out in most places, and has some serious potential. And Koush is proving that already. Using the beta SDK he’s developed an app allowing a user to cast pictures, videos and more all from their device gallery.

As it stands now, the Chromecast can share YouTube videos, Netflix, Google Music, and a few other very select things. Yesterday we learned Vimeo, Redbox Instant and more are coming soon, and we’ll welcome HBO and Showtime too. However, for those who don’t pay for a service and want to just cast their own pictures and video, Koush has you covered.

He explains his first Chromecast app will allow the user to share (via the standard cast button) anything to their TV they’d like. Well, anything that’s on their smartphone or tablet. Any pictures or videos in the gallery can be cast, and it does so at full framerate, looks wonderful, and “works like magic” according to him.

The hacker then goes on to mention sharing tons of other options with the app. Things like music and playlists, instead of requiring us to use Google Music only. He promises a video showing off this awesome new feature set is coming soon, but the app will have to wait as he’s not allowed to release it yet. So what does this mean? The Chromecast is about to get tons of support from some of the best Android developers and modders around. So get excited.

SOURCE: Google+


      • I’m super excited too. No i doubt root will be required. If you hit his G+ page, he mentions a part of the Chromecast developer BETA SDK agreement he can’t release it yet.

        It’s coming though, that’s for sure!

      • He cant distribute the .apk cause its against the terms of use for the chromecast beta sdk.

  1. It’s nice to see people of the rooting/hacking/modding community developing software and apps that average folks can use without rooting their phones. These folks are just as smart, if not often smarter, than the people at companies developing commercially available apps; they just choose to remain indy, which is excellent. Two worlds collide, and the Android community-at-large wins again! Keep it up, Koush!


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