Jide Technology, a China-based company is gaining popularity – and deserved popularity at that – for the three products that they’ve launched so far. The first was the Remix UltraTablet which launched in a Kickstarter campaign in January 2015. The second was the tiny and hip Remix Mini, Jide’s take on a fully-workable Android PC, which was unveiled through another crowdfunding campaign in the middle of 2015. Yet the star of the show, arguably is the Remix OS, Jide’s take on Android that allows true multi-tasking, a taskbar, mouse and keyboard usage including shortcuts, windowed apps – all on an Android platform that recently was released for free.


XDA went and had a sit down with David Ko, co-founder of Jide, to see what the company was planning for 2016. Ko was asked about the decision that were made on why Jide settled on the UltraTablet and the Remix Mini as their first two products. Ko said that the company was committed to innovating both in the hardware and software areas. “We really buy into the idea that people who are really serious about software should make their own hardware,” Ko said. He says that the UltraTablet allowed them to “accelerate and optimize the development of the Remix OS”, while the Remix Mini allowed to reach more people and get them interested.


When asked about their plans for 2016, Ko said that the company is set on reaching its “next billion” customers coming from emerging markets like Africa. He said that with the simplicity and accessibility of the Android ecosystem, he envisioned that this next billion’s first computing experience would be with an Android device, preferably with Remix OS of course. “Part of the vision that we have at Jide, is that the next billion people online will be from emerging markets,” he said. “For most of these folks, Android and its ecosystem will be their first computing experience.”


Lastly, XDA asked about migrating to Android Marshmallow, since the Android-x86 project – which played a big part in making Remix OS possible – has moved on to Android 6.0. Ko confirmed that Jide is already moving towards Marshmallow, and that those updates will be announced soon.