Jide Remix Ultra Tablet

New startup Jide Technology is determined to enter the Android tablet arena. Why wouldn’t it especially its founders were from Google. Three former Google engineers left the search giant to build a startup that would develop a mobile device solution that takes care of productivity and entertainment needs. These ex-Googlers believe that “tablets are great at media consumption and mobility but painful at content creation”. The engineers thought that virtual keyboards can be frustrating so they’re adding a magnetic full-sized keyboard to a tablet for a more convenient mobile computing.

A laptop is more ideal for content creation whether for work and play but it is not exactly as portable. You still need to bring the power adapter cables with you all the time. Good thing the Jide team is showing off the Remix tablet–a new Android-powered mobile device that reminds us so much of the Microsoft Surface tablet.

Jide describes the Remix as a the world’s first true “ultra tablet”. It runs a customized version of Android which the team calls as the Remix OS. Main features of the mobile OS include productivity apps and the usual functions you’d find in a laptop or PC.

Specs of the Jide Remix tablet include an 11.6-inch IPS touchscreen display, Full HD high resolution, 2GB RAM, Nvidia Tegra 4+1 processor, Tegra GPU GeForce ULP 72, 5 megapixel front and back cameras, duo mics, WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, and an impressive 8100 mAh battery. Tablet weighs only 860 grams.

The Remix Android tablet also comes with a full-size magnetically connected ultrathin keyboard cover and an integrated dual position kickstand (very much like the Microsoft Surface tablet). The Remix OS software is based on Android 4.4.2, complete with a Windows 8-like design, windowed apps, and an app-switching taskbar.

The $349 16GB unit and the $449 64GB model will be ready for sale in the emerging market China. The UK and the US are expected to receive the ultra-tablet during the 2nd or 3rd quarter this 2015. Available in various colors.



  1. Not so easy to find the screen rez on this device, that is, the aspect ratio. 16:9 would suck. 16:10 (and 3:2) is more in line with a better overall computing experience. It’s a shame these guys didn’t improve on the keyboard design. Still can’t put this on my chest/stomach and watch a video like I can with a smaller laptop (screen does not allow for tilting forward). The OS tweaks themselves look pretty good – hopefully writing to external usb/sd isn’t crippled like in so many stupid google spear-headed “solutions”.

    These guys had an opportunity to improve on some of the SP3’s failings but they copied and pasted. Leads me to believe they lack imagination and the product will eventually become stagnant.


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