HTC took their sweet time about it – missing their self-imposed 90-day upgrade deadline in the process – but it’s finally here today. Android 5.0 Lollipop has finally arrived for Verizon’s HTC One M8. It was a long and difficult wait for Verizon users, especially as they saw other One M8 versions from other carriers get updated while they endured the wait. But all is well that ends well, right?

It’s no big secret now what Android 5.0 brings to HTC’s flagship smartphone for 2014. It’s a whole new operating system, and for HTC One M8 users, this must feel like getting a brand new phone. For an overview of what Lollipop brings to the One M8, please check Verizon’s official update document at the source link below.


If you are one of those who have been waiting for this, you can one of two things. You can either wait for the system notification to show up about the update. Make sure you have a good WiFi connection when you do start downloading the update. You’ve been waiting for a while now, what’s a few more hours or days, right?

Wrong. I bet most of you want to get that update ASAP. You might be able to do that by manually triggering the update, tap into the system menu and select the option to query for new updates. Enjoy!

SOURCE: Verizon