inoreader app

Google Reader may be out but there are a number of RSS readers available. We’ve seen a few lately like Source, a Material Design news reader from EvolveSMS developer. Of course, there’s also the regularly updated Flipboard. Other popular reader apps include the Feedly Cloud, NewsBlur, and Sony Social Life among others. Recently updated is the Inoreader –an RSS & News Reader app that lets you search for interesting stuff on social network and on the web.

Just like any RSS reader, the Inoreader requires you to subscribe and follow a brand or company. It helps you keep up with what is new in world may it be news, trends, and new products or services. The apps shows you when new content is posted on a website. No need to check individual websites because the app will bring them to you every time.

The Inoreader app will take note of the items you’ve already ready. Unread items will be shown when you check the app again. App also keeps a record and history if your subscriptions so you can just easily search for them when you want to read back something.

My question now is this: Will it beat any of the Top 5 News Readers for Android? We’ll see.

Download Inoreader from the Google Play Store