Android users still hunting for the perfect news reader app might want to give the Sony Socialife app a whirl. This app, previously available only for Sony’s Xperia handsets, can now be installed on any Android smartphone.

Socialife basically functions like most news readers out there, give or take a few features. The app will let you gather together not just news and articles but even Facebook and Twitter posts or even YouTube videos. While you are free to add your own favorite blogs or RSS feeds to your list, users can also select from a variety of sources when they tap on the Add button, including news from Fox News, NPR, Financial Times, and more from a selection of 250 news organizations.

But Sony‘s news reader is not just an app. Like Feedly, Socialife is also an online service that syncs your selection across all supported devices. It can even send your news to a PC via the Socialife app in the Windows 8 app store. It also sports a bookmarking feature so that you can save articles and posts for later reading.

Although Sony is opening up Socialife to other smartphones, there are a few caveats. The app can only be installed on smartphones running Android 4.1 and later. Moreover, it is only compatible with smartphones. Tablet users are out of luck on this one. Of course, there are plenty of other news readers out there, but Sony Socialife might still appeal to some because of its clean interface and syncing features.