As the termination date for Google Reader draws near, Feedly has stayed in the news as a viable replacement service for all you RSS fans, and today their option just got even better. After improving their Android app, today they’ve announced the Feedly Cloud that will help us all seamlessly transition away from the dying Google Reader, and into Feedly’s arms.

They are essentially telling Google Reader to enjoy retirement, and they’ll take all the loyal fans instead. With Feedly Cloud, the RSS reader will be completely independent of Google Reader, and will be a viable replacement for many. Being a completely stable and scalable infrastructure to deliver us all the news we need. It’s no longer just an app, and is now an entire platform.

We’re just days away from Google’s RSS service shutting the doors, so this comes at a perfect moment. Just in time for everyone to get setup, comfortable, and to import your RSS feeds if you haven’t done so. I wouldn’t wait til the last minute either, as everyone else will be doing the same thing later this month. Do it now, is what we’re saying.


Their new cloud can be used on the web by heading to and as long as your app is up to date you’ll get transitioned to the cloud soon enough. You can enjoy their web interface from any browser, anytime, for free. Now that they aren’t just being an app, the feedly cloud is an entire platform for others to use as well. They’ve confirmed that other popular options like Press and gReader will be able to access their cloud, for those who don’t want to change.

Feedly serves over 12 million users daily at the moment, and Press was updated this morning with support for the new Feedly Cloud. Between those other apps and the millions leaving Google Reader next month their numbers are about to blast forward. More details can be found below.

SOURCE: Feedly Blog