We know a lot within the Android community who would be happy if iMessage for Android arrives. There’s the PieMessage app that allows iMessages to be delivered to any Android smartphone. Actually, it’s more of a hack but we saw it’s a bit complicated because of a number of requirements. The idea that the Android version of iMessage is no longer surprising. We believe it could happen because a few iOS products and services have already crossed over to Android. We’ve seen the Beats Pill, Move to iOS, and Apple Music. We’re crossing our fingers on the iMessage and rumor has it that it would be announced at the WWDC.

Sadly, WWDC is almost over and there’s still no iMessage in sight. No new hardware either from Apple which makes us want to believe the Cupertino family isn’t quite ready this year.

Walt Mossberg of The Verge wrote a comprehensive analysis of what have been revealed so far at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco. The keynote has passed and the only iMessage-related we heard were all about the new features from handwritten texts to giant emojis to stickers to more animations. All those we’d find cute (if we were iMessage users but we’re not).

Mossberg noted why Apple isn’t expanding iMessage to another platform like Android. He shared a conversation with an Apple executive who said that current user base of the company is enough data set. There are over one billion devices active worldwide and the exec said that’s enough for future research and development on artificial intelligence. The exec also said it’s not happening because doing so would help sales of devices running different platforms from other OEMs.

The reasons provided were not surprising because we all know how Apple could be too “exclusive”. We’re not saying it will never happen (never say never) because Apple’s numbers are not going up. It’s not really declining, maybe just staying flat.

We don’t know who this Apple executive is but at least we now know that there won’t be an iMessage for Android or on any other platform anytime soon. Nope, not gonna happen (not yet). Opening iMessage for Android will benefit Apple more than it will be advantageous to Google but we’ll see. We can never predict the future especially when it comes to Apple.




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