So the rumors were true. Apple was indeed releasing its second Android app. But it’s not the one we were all expecting. Even though sources are insisting that the Apple Music app for Android is indeed coming soon, the first, or rather second, that came to see the light of day is Beats Pill+ app, which you can use to control and enhance the new Bluetooth speaker that was released earlier this month.

The Beats Pill+ was the first product that Apple released under the Beats line ever since they acquired it from music mogul Dr. Dre last year. And now, they are introducing this unfamiliar market to a second app made by Apple for their “rival” platform, and the first time that they have released an app simultaneously on both iOS and Android. The Cupertino company would probably rather forget the first one they release, the Move to iOS app, which was widely panned and didn’t do too well with Android users.

The Beats Pill+ app for the Bluetooth speaker with the same name, lets you control the source and the speaker itself (or themselves) in three modes. DJ mode lets you have two Bluetooth sources and you and your friend can control and mix the sounds from both. Amplify mode meanwhile lets you connect with two Beats Pill+ speakers so as to give your music a fuller sound. The stereo mode is where you can use two speakers as left and right output so that the sound is more dynamic.

Let’s see if this new app will fare better than the Move to iOS app and if it will be a sign of good things to come for when Apple Music actually comes to Android. You can download Beats Pill+ from the Google Play Store for free.