Nokia, the former top smartphone maker, is back in business. Instead of Windows Phone, it will soon release Android-powered phones. HMD now owns the rights for the brand after acquiring the company from Microsoft. The whole Android community is actually excited for the new Nokia smartphones and we’re curious how the brand is going to deliver.

Nokia is rumored to be rolling out the D1C as the first mobile device. We’ve heard a lot about it after being spotted on Geekbench and on AnTuTu. So far, we heard it will have a 32GB built-in storage, 3GB RAM, Qualcomm 430 processor, and Adreno 505 GPU.

The future Nokia Android devices are said to look something that will remind you of an HTC phone with the metallic backside and rounded edges. The Nokia brand will also be at the top of the front panel. Some images have been leaked, giving us a glimpse of what the Android phones could look like.

First to be shown off is the Nokia P that is said to have a backside camera and a single LED flash. There’s no fingerprint sensor at all so we’re assuming Nokia is making this particular model simpler. Specs known include a 6GB RAM, Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset, 23MP camera, and Carl Zeiss lens.

We don’t have any detail about the second Nokia device but we can see the front and back casing. Meanwhile, the Nokia D1C is believed to be coming in two versions–probably a premium variant and another one, a more affordable model. Rumor has it the Android smartphone will feature an Adreno 505 GPU, 3GB RAM, and a Qualcomm 430 processor.

We’re expecting Nokia will make a more formal announcement at the upcoming Mobile World Congress in February next year.

VIA: SlashGear


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