Several of the Android smartphones from LG were presented with iF product design awards for 2013. In all, this list includes the Optimus Life, Lucid 4G, Optimus G, Optimus L7, Optimus L9 and Optimus LTE2. With the exception of the Optimus Life and the Optimus LTE2, these were all design awards in the smartphone category.

The Optimus Life was in the minimalistic smartphone category and the Optimus LTE2 was in the smartphone and accessory category. As for the Optimus Life, this one comes with a bit of a story attached. The design awards page notes that the concept for this handset was “slice.” Getting a little deeper here and we have the handset being compared to cheese. It was said that the “phone itself has a simple shape like a slice of cheese” and that “it is good for people wanting something simple and also customizable.”


Shifting over to the LG Lucid 2 and we have a handset that is said to have a “slim and stylish shape through unique side concept line.” This was taken into consideration along with the titan and black coloring, the digital printing on the back cover and the red line that provides a “premium experience.” Perhaps more to the point, the Lucid 2 is said to have helped LG shape the “mass LTE smartphone line up in the global market.”

Other interesting aspects for these devices include the Optimus G which took the simple and minimal LG design legacy of the Chocolate and Prada phones. The Optimus L7 was said to have a smart and minimal image and the Optimus L9 was touted for having a “Slimming Metallic Streak” and 9.1mm thickness.

The Optimus LTE2 was noted as having a minimal design heritage with premium exterior design features to include the natural pattern on the rear side. The Optimus LTE2 also has wireless charging which is said to provide “quicker and easier charging for better comfort and convenience.”

Bottom line here, LG has received some recognition for their work on Android smartphones in 2013. Several of the links throughout this post take you back to our reviews with these handsets and otherwise, make sure to check out the timeline below for a bit more LG coverage.