We know Huawei’s got big plans for Mobile World Congress, specifically its brand new “Diamond” line of devices. According to a Webo post spotted by Blog of Mobile, the first phone to get this distinction will e the Huawei Ascend D1 Q. That rather extended product name probably includes “D1” for the first Diamond phone and (wait for it) “Q” for quad-core. If Huawei intends to break out of its bargain OEM shell at MWC, that could be a very expedient way of doing so.

Also reportedly on the docket is a 10-inch version of the MediaPad. The original 7-inch MediaPad was Huawei’s first and at present only tablet, not counting rebranded variants like T-Mobile’s Springboard. We’ve been impressed by the MediaPad hardware every time we’ve touched – its Honeycomb software, not so much. But with Huawei looking to expand into just about every market, it needs a competitor to Samsung and Asus on the higher end of the tablet spectrum, and they should be able to compete on price as well. Since Huawei seems to have embraced Ice Cream Sandwich whole-hog, expect all of their phones and tablets at MWC to run Android 4.0.

We heard earlier about at least two diamond-class unveils for Barcelona, so unless the 10-inch MediaPad will get the D distinction, there’s at least one other major device left to be discovered. Of course, there’s no photos or serious data on any of Huawei’s lineup, so treat everything except the name of the Ascend D1 Q as rumor for now – that phone’s title was leaked by none other than Huawei Chairman Yu Chengdong. (The above photo is the Ascend II.) We won’t have to wait long to find out: Mobile World Congress kicks off in just a couple of weeks.

[via UnwiredView]



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