As crazy as CES gets every year, it doesn’t hold a candle to Mobile World Congress, at least as far as the cell pone/tablet side of the tech industry is concerned. Huawei is an upwardly mobile OEM, and intends to prove it at MWC in Barcelona. reports that the manufacturer plans to unveil a new series of two phones under the “Diamond” heading. The new phones will reach Europe by the spring and North America by the summer, confirmed by Huawei chairman Richard Yu.

The Chinese manufacturer has been reaching towards the high end for a while now, and the Diamond line could well be their first salve aimed at the likes of Samsung and HTc. They’ve certainly earned it: the company has been steadily climbing up the ranks of OEMs with some very respectable mid-range hardware like the Honor (above). The onlt real question about the mystery phone/phones is, will Huawei try for a monster-spec phone or a stylish status symbol, a la the LG Prada 3.0? With a name like Diamond, both would be equally valid, though of course we’re partial to benchmark-busters ourselves.

The phone will be unveiled sometime between February 27th and March 1st, and might be ready for distribution in Europe as early as the end of March. If that’s the case, it’ll probably be one of the first companies to go from a MWC unveil to a retail product. and since Huawei has been one of the first companies to get its hardware an official Ice Cream Sandwich update (not to mention showing off early Ascend models at CES) expect any new hardware to be running the latest version of Android. Huzzah!

[via Androinica]