Huawei P50 Pro Huawei P50 Pro+

Huawei’s future is still unclear but we know the top Chinese OEM will still continue in the mobile business. As mentioned last year, the Huawei P50 series will still be released in the coming months. Rendered images have surfaced on the web already. We also heard the idea the Huawei P50 may still come with Android aside from Harmony OS. More details have popped up on Twitter. The phone series will come with 6.6 to 6.7-inch curved display with 120Hz refresh rate. As usual, Huawei will still use the Leica system.

The new Leica Quad or Penta camera system will come with new super zooms. The HUAWEI P50 Series will also come with a slimmer design. For better audio, the stereo speakers are said to be more powerful.

The device will come with 4200 to 4300mAh batteries with 66w and 50w charging technology. In front, there will be a small single hole camera that can also read gestures. The Huawei P50 will be ready in Ceramic or Glass and with five color options.

According to our source, 135w charging is being tested already. However, it may not be ready yet because of safety issues. Liquid lens may be used.

Huawei P50 on EMUI with Android 11

The phone may run on Kirin 9000 or 9000E processor as described. For imaging, the binocular super zooms may reach 200x digital zoom level. Now this NEW detail is interesting: the OS will be EMUI with Android 11 and not HarmonyOS. We’re not really sure what that means but we did mention the Huawei P50 may still come with Android.


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