HTC just recent concluded their awaited media event and, while its new products didn’t exactly take the mobile tech world by storm, it still managed to earn a few accolades and praises from tech pundits. And perhaps a few raised eyebrows from the fashion world as well. HTC is entering into a whole new world with its RE camera, the Desire EYE selfiest smartphone, and EYE imaging experience. And now you can watch the whole hour-long show on YouTube at your convenience.

HTC was noted to be embarking on new business ventures, which might also include home healthcare products. But while we wait for an HTC Breath or HTC Heart to take the stage, the company has revealed its first diversion, one that plunges into the world of imaging and digital photography so far cornered by the likes of Sony, Samsung, and Apple. The first, and probably most eye-catching, is the RE camera, an odd and yet simple handheld device that removes the barriers of viewfinders, screens, and lenses that stand in the way of enjoying a breath-taking view, while at the same time capturing that once in a lifetime moment digitally. It isn’t probably going to replace your dedicated digital camera any time soon, but the rather decent camera specs plus IPX7 waterproof rating could very well endear itself to more active types.

Less unorthodox but still a head-turner is the new HTC Desire EYE. Sporting the same premium specs as the HTC One M8 but in a less premium plastic coating, the Desire EYE takes smartphone photography to a whole new level by putting the front-facing camera on the same level as the back one. With a 13 megapixel shooter, 22 mm wide angle lens and a dual LED flash on the face of the device, this is a selfie lover’s dream come true.

And it isn’t all about hardware either. Version 1.0 of HTC Zoe, which you can download now from Google Play Store, puts a social twist to the video editing experience, allowing users to take and remake photos and video clips into an almost infinite collage of experiences and memories. There’s also the new EYE Experience, a collection of camera features that make photography more fun and which will soon be available on HTC’s latest One and Desire devices.

All of that and more can now be viewed on YouTube. And by “more”, we mean the totally unexpected and totally perplexing fashion show that HTC has prepared, perhaps to go with the theme of breaking new ground. After all, nothing shouts bold and daring louder than a parade of out of this world designs.