HTC just sent over a little tip warning us that they have a major announcement they plan to reveal early tomorrow morning, That is August 11th. CEO Peter Chou will be conducting a teleconference in Los Angeles, and that’s about all we know. This comes as a surprise because we haven’t heard anything as of late or seen anything large leaked that may be announced tomorrow but we have a few ideas running around up stairs.

Will this be another quietly brilliant moment from HTC like the photo says above, or will this have to do with unlocking of bootloaders? We have heard a lot on bootloaders in the past few weeks not to mention the more than a few leaks for the upcoming HTC Puccini Android 3.2 Honeycomb tablet. We’ve been seeing screenshots of HTC’s tablet with a little Sense UI taking over so this could be the big announcement tomorrow as they’ve been lacking in the tablet game.

So what does everyone think is coming? Are they going to announce a new phone, a new tablet, or something better? We would love to hear what all of our readers think might be coming so feel free to drop a few replies in the comment section below. I’m hoping to hear about the Puccini tablet but that’s just me. One last tease is this could be the announcement for the Thunderbolt replacement called the HTC Vigor but I’m going to just stop right there. We will see how it goes tomorrow and have all the juicy details right here on Android Community.



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