The HTC Sensation is sure to make a splash in the Android phone market, it is a great all around device. You can see it with our Hands-On here. Something that everyone missed during the Sense 3.0 UI tour most of you saw was a feature or app called HTC Trace. HTC is introducing what appears to be a Swype-like keyboard with the Sensation, and it should be ready when the phone launches in June.

This is news to us, we didn’t see any sign of this back when HTC first showed everyone the Sensation in London. From what I understand this will be a Sense 3.0 feature and will only be available for Sense 3.0 devices such as the EVO 3D. Although I do see the community and devs at xda getting this on any other device very shortly after it is released. They are good at things like that.

This news coming from our friends at Android Central, they got to see this feature that was yet to be revealed, and for that, we thank you. Like we said above, this should be on all Sense 3.0 devices and possibly will be coming to other HTC phones also, as HTC did mention “pieces” of Sense 3.0 would make it to others versions and older devices. So we will see as that time comes.

[via AndroidCentral]