Just last night T-Mobile announced the exciting new HTC Sensation 4G would be available starting as early as June 12th at Walmart and in T-Mobile stores on June 15th. The Sensation has received a lot of attention as of late, especially with HTC talking about unlocking device bootloaders. This should be a great phone and you can now see all you’d like on the T-Mobile landing page for the Sensation 4G.

Head on over to T-Mobile and check out the Sensation and all its amazing features. They only have some pictures and advertisements up but we have seen some hands-on in the wild. Or even better check out our very own hands-on review of the European version by our man Chris Davies.

Don’t worry we will have the Sensation 4G from T-Mobile soon enough and will show you everything and more about this exciting new device. It is nice to see T-Mobile putting the page up so soon, you can sign up to receive updates and information if you’d like, I already did. So without talking too much go check out the Sensation 4G and get ready to buy one when the time comes. What would you rather have readers: the Sensation 4G or the Droid X2? Tell us below in the comments. Thanks!

[via T-Mobile Sensation 4G]