As we get closer to that November 3rd event by HTC we are starting to see even more of the upcoming HTC Rezound. With a few leaks here and there, a second spotting at the FCC and even some hands-on video just yesterday. Today we are back with a little head to head comparison video next to the HTC Thunderbolt.

Most likely the Rezound will be replacing the Thunderbolt, so this is a great comparison not to mention some will be looking to upgrade to this exact phone — well that or the Galaxy Nexus. While the video doesn’t show us much we didn’t already know, seeing it next to the Thunderbolt gives us an idea of the Rezounds size, length and overall chunk. Not to mention the screen resolution and that all important Beats Audio integration.

It’s hard to get a feel for the audio quality through two different devices being recorded in a hand, but it was worth a shot to the cameraman. Obviously the HTC Rezound looks just as good as all recently released HTC devices and we can expect the same great build quality. Hopefully it has enough to contend with the Galaxy Nexus, the specs sure line up quite well and it only lacks that all new and fancy Ice Cream Sandwich. We’ll be reviewing the Rezound as soon as its available so be sure and stay tuned for a more in-depth breakdown once its finally available. Will you be picking up the Rezound? Or is the RAZR and Galaxy Nexus more your style?

[via YouTube]



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