So, the HTC One series is a big deal if you’re HTC, or an HTC fan. And just in case you haven’t had enough of them and their Mobile World Congress debut so far, HTC has posted quick commercials for the One X, One S and One V to YouTube. It’s some pretty sedate stuff – if you’re drooling already, the videos will call for a little more salivation, but if you’re not convinced they won’t change your mind. There’s a definite focus on each phone’s camera, but the videos help isolate exactly where HTC thinks its three new pillars fit into the mobile landscape.

First up is the flagship: the HTC One X. This monster 4.7-inch phone is HTC’s first dalliance with the Nvidia Tegra 3 platform, and thus is faster than almost anything out there – that isn’t already using a quad-core chip. (Everybody at MWC seems to have at least one running around). Ice Cream Sandwich and HTC Sense 4.0 have a solid foundation, and the unibody aluminum design don’t hurt either -though a non-removable battery is a bit of a bummer. The camera on the One X is a full 8 megapixels with a 2.0 aperture – HTC says it’s the best they’ve got. AT&T will get the One X, but their flavor has a standard dual-core processor from Qualcomm.

The HTC One S is the middle child, the workhorse of the line. It’s also the thinnest phone that HTC’s ever made at 7.9mm, tapering out to a little more on both sides. The screen is a smaller qHD 4.3-incher, but it gets the added advantage of AMOLED for brighter colors and vivid blacks. The processor is downgraded to a Qualcomm chip, but it’s still pretty speedy at two cores of 1.5Ghz. The camera on the HTC One S is still 8MP, but it’s a slightly inferior sensor. It still enjoys the same unibody design, and the One S makes it look good, along with ICS and Sense 4.0.

Last, but by no means least, is the HC One V. The budget option of the line, the One V recalls the HTC Legend in its unibody construction. The 3.7-inch screen is down to just 800×480, but that’s pretty reasonable for the size. Despite being a “budget” phone, the One V gets ICS, Sense 4.0 and Beats audio like its larger siblings, though it’ll have to make due with a 1Ghz processor, 512MB of RAM and just 4GB of on-board storage. HTC calls the One V’s camera “Best in class” for low light, though it’s only got a 5MP camera.

Still haven’t had enough? then check out our hands-on coverage of the One X and One S, and keep an eye on the Mobile World Congress portal for even more news.


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