We have yet to see anything official from HTC in terms of the follow-up to the One, however details have been leaking on a fairly regular basis. The handset is still sporting the codename of HTC M8, and most recently there was talk about how the handset would be launching with on-screen navigation buttons. This would be a departure from the capacitive setup on the One, but more important for today — it looks like an image of those buttons has surfaced online.

As with any rumors and leaks, we do have to remember to go in with a bit of caution. After all, even the most believable can sometimes turn out to be false. But with that in mind, the HTC M8 is expected to have a three-button setup with Back, Home and Multitasking going from left to right. The Home and Multitasking are similar to what we have seen from HTC in the past, most notably, with the HTC One X.


For reference, the HTC One had a Back button on the left with the Home button on the right. Sitting centered for the capacitive setup on the One was an HTC logo. Otherwise, the back buttons seem to be taking a departure from earlier looks. As you will notice from the image, that is expected to be swapped from one with a hard angle, to a sweeping half circle.

Aside from this bit about the navigation button setup, there has also been talk of the M8 bringing a full metal body with a fingerprint scanner and dual-sensor UltraPixel camera on the backside. There has also been talk of the handset having a 5-inch 1080p display and Snapdragon 800 processor.

We are also still waiting to see the official name for the handset. So far we have seen talk of the device being unveiled as the HTC One Two, and also as the One+. Of course, given the trademark filing from OnePlus, HTC One may have a hard time using the One+ name.

VIA: HTC Source