Yesterday we got a bit of a look at a case for the yet to be announced HTC M8, also known as the One Two and One+. Keeping in mind this is a rumor based on rumor, however the case was shown to have two decent sized openings on the back side. Presumably, one of those would be for the camera lens, but the other is where the speculation comes in to play. It was thought it may have something to do with a fingerprint sensor.

While we cannot rule out that possibility just yet, a new report coming by way of Bloomberg suggests it may be camera related. The report mentioned how the follow-up to the HTC One could feature twin sensors that will “provide better focus, depth of field and image quality.” It was also mentioned the camera will be an improved version of the UltraPixel setup.

Along with these brief details of the camera, this same report also touched on the display and processor. As far as the display size, the report mentions how it would be “at least 5 inches.” Taking this in comparison to the current line of One smartphones and that would have it sitting somewhere between the One and One max, which measure in at 4.7 and 5.9-inches respectively.

As for the processor, there wasn’t a ton of specifics, but there was mention of the handset using the “later” Snapdragon processor. As the currently available HTC One was sporting the Snapdragon 600, it wouldn’t be much of a stretch to expect a bump in that respect. The real question comes in terms of whether this report is using “later” to refer to the Snapdragon 800, or the newly announced Snapdragon 805.

And lastly, the report also mentioned how the exterior design will not be all that much different from the current One. Sounds like HTC will be making more of an incremental step up in terms of the One follow-up device. But having seen numerous positive reviews for the handset, that may not be all that bad.