A recent report suggest the HTC One Two, also known as the M8, will have some interesting hardware features. Aside from some obvious observations from analysts, there are also a few interesting tidbits to take away. One analysts says there will most certainly be a ‘fingerprint app’ onboard. There is also a suggestion a dual rear-facing camera configuration will be present in an attempt to solve lighting frustrations.

In regard to hardware, analyst Wilson Miao of TrendForce says the One Two will have a 4.9-inch screen and run a Qualcomm processor. He goes on with the obvious, stating it will run Android, and check in around $600. None of that would be out of line, or even surprising. A very specific screen size is interesting, but that’s right around the size most modern phones are, so no shock to our systems.

Miao also says the One Two will have a ‘fingerprint app’, which likely means a fingerprint scanner — like the one on the One Max — would be present. Additionally, the analyst claims there will be separate lenses for different lighting situations; one for low light, one for higher lighting situations. If that’s so, it would certainly solve one major sticking point with modern cell phone photography.

Another point analysts like to make about HTC’s next device is that China should weigh heavily on their mind. HTC has no agreements with the largest Chinese carrier, and while the Asian market is cost conscious, there is a place for higher end devices. Dennis Chan of Yuanta Securities says of the Chinese smartphone consumer “They can afford it, they’re already buying the Apple iPhone.”


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