HTC has been in the news a lot lately regarding their failed attempt at a Facebook Phone, again. We’ve also been hearing a lot of rumors about an HTC One ‘Google Edition’ to compete with Samsung’s stock Android experience phone. With many questions around how the Ultrapixel camera and beats audio features would work without HTC’s proprietary software we have an answer, and that is the HTC First Google Edition. Or just call it the HTC Second.

As you all may already know last month HTC and Facebook launched the HTC First, the first Facebook Phone running from the ground up on Facebook Home. Which was destined to be Facebook’s new home on Android devices. Sadly things aren’t going quite as well as both parties had hoped, and it looks like they’re already starting to cancel the international release.

With Facebook home being intrusive and what we’d consider a bust, and HTC’s smartphone not selling very well on AT&T (they already dropped it to a dollar after less than a month) what should HTC do? They should make one simple change and remove Facebook Home, and launch the device as a stock Android 4.2 Jelly Bean smartphone. Or the HTC First Google Edition.


Now in case you guys forgot, the HTC First runs stock Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. Facebook Home is only a launcher and can be removed with a single tap. So while the thoughts above about a Google Edition being sold on the Play Store isn’t in touch with reality. Being able to enjoy the same type of device is.

Head to your nearest AT&T store and pickup the HTC First today for $0.99 (yes, under a dollar) on contract, disable Facebook, and you’ll have a completely stock experience with the awesome build quality of HTC. It might not get updated as fast as a Nexus or Google Edition phone, but we have a feeling the developer community will keep it afloat for years to come.

We seriously doubt HTC will be releasing the HTC One without their Sense UI anytime soon, so in the meantime the First is the next best option. With all the news about HTC in shambles and the First struggling, we figured a reminder about just how awesome the First could be was in order.


  1. Great Idea to save a sinking ship. I don’t know why HTC doesn’t set this up with Google themselves.

  2. That’s why its hard for at&t to clear more stock of HTC first. coz it’s not updated to android higher than jellybean 4.1.2. with a potential of discontinuation. sad… for good built phone.


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