While there remains some debate over the success of the HTC First “Facebook Home” phone in the US market, it looks like the handset will not even be getting a chance in the UK. EE, who had already been accepting pre-orders for the handset has since confirmed they will not be launching the HTC First.

The carrier has provided a statement and while the handset will not be launching at this time, there does appear to be a sliver of hope. Based on the statement from EE, it looks like the decision to stop the launch has actually come from Facebook. EE has said that based on customer feedback, Facebook suggests “holding off launching the HTC First in the UK.”

That ‘holding off’ bit is where that sliver of hope comes into play. Of course, based on what we have seen with AT&T, we wouldn’t be all that surprised if the handset never launched in the UK. Looking at AT&T, the HTC First launched with a two-year purchase price of $99.99 and was quickly dropped to $0.99. Anyway, as a result of the delay, EE will soon be contacting those who had placed a pre-order.

Aside from the apparent lack of success and interest in the HTC First, Facebook doesn’t appear to be done with Facebook Home. In fact, the EE statement touched on how “Facebook has decided to focus on adding new customization features to Facebook Home over the coming months.” Sounds like a bit of good news for anyone that had been using the Facebook Home launcher.

While this will not be an option for those in the UK, the HTC First may not be all that bad of a handset. Sure, it may not have the higher-end specs many are looking for these days, but on the flip side — it does have a solid set of mid-level specs. Take that and combine it with a price point that is just under a buck, and this could be a handset for those shopping on a budget. And remember, the HTC First may be running Facebook Home by default, but it is easy to flip the switch and go to straight Android.

VIA: SlashGear