It looks like all you EVO 4G owners will be getting an update in just a short few days. Apparently in five days on June 20th an OTA update will start rolling out to fix a bunch of issues that were recently added with the EVO 4G 2.3 Gingerbread update. We have reported about a slew of issues since the update and it is nice to hear fixes may be coming so quickly.

Some of the main issues is the ghost voicemail indicator that appears for no reason at all and continues to come back even after you’ve deleted all your voicemails. Another huge issue that has caused a lot of grief lately is the Android 2.3 update for the EVO broke Netflix for many users, the update should also address this problem as well.

UPDATE: more information on this update HERE

Obviously with all updates especially something that will roll out over the air to all the users need to be tested first, we are assuming these fixes are already being tested if they plan to start rolling out as soon as June 20th. The ad mentions that updates are subject to change without notice, but that is nothing new in the world of Android updates. So stay tuned as you just might be getting that update come Monday and you’ll be back to loving your EVO all over again.

[via Android Police]