Honeywell Smart Home Security System

We know Honeywell has ventured into the smart thermostat game since 2013. We’ve seen a number of smart products from the brand already like the Honeywell Lyric which recently received Google Home support. It seems the company wants to go bigger by introducing a new smart home security system. The project is still on Indiegogo as a new all-in-one security system. Officially called as the Honeywell Smart Home Security System, this setup includes a Camera Base Station so you can see what is happening inside your home even when you are out.

The Honeywell Smart Home Security takes advantage of Amazon Alexa so you can create a smarter home. You will be voicing your commands to the Camera Base Station so Alexa will start doing what you want to be done. It also offers facial recognition, cloud storage, and smart home device integration.

You can begin with the Starter Kit that includes a Key Fob, two Access Sensors for doors and windows, and a Camera Base Station. The system will be upgraded with every software version so more smart devices will be integrated.

The team behind this one is planning to integrate the smart home security sytem with other ecosystems from Google, IFTTT, and the Apple HomeKit. The Honeywell Smart Home Security System project is now on Indiegogo with a fund goal of $50,000. The amount raised has gone over the goal already with still a month left before deadline.

Feel free to support the Honeywell Smart Home Security System campaign on Indiegogo if you’re interested in making a smarter home for you.

VIA: Indiegogo

SOURCE: Honeywell


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