Even though Android 3.0 Honeycomb was just released recently, and is a Tablet based OS. It hasn’t stopped many of the developers at XDA from porting it to just about as many devices as possible. Here’s just a few, Honeycomb port for Nexus One, or the HTC Desire Port, even the all popular EVO got a Honeycomb Port. For some wiping out all of their data and flashing a completely new ROM that may, or may not be fully functioning is out of the question. Luckily for you I have the easiest way to get some Honeycomb. (for CM7 users that is)

This actually not only shows some great theme work by xda member haxzamatic but it also shows just how extremely powerful the T-Mobile Theme Engine really is. This has the capability to change the entire look, and feel of your Android device, and very quickly. Even better is it does all this without flashing anything. I must mention that this theme is only available for anyone running CyanogenMod 7. The CM team supports a very wide variety of phones so check it out. It may also work with phones running a CM7 Port for a phone not supported by CM.

Basically the Theme Engine lets you install a theme apk, then apply it using the Engine. It’s very straightforward, Like Metamorph only easier.

Install Instructions:

-Download the Honeybread.apk
-Install the APK
-Open the Theme Chooser app
-Select the Honybread Theme
-After it applies reboot


Latest Version:
Honeybread v4

For more pictures, and information go ahead and check out the source link below.

[via XDA Forums]