As we all know, the beauty of the Android system is that it’s open source. That not only breeds a myriad of handsets powered by it, but since there’s no big bad developer looking to sue for playing with the source code, it also means some pretty slick home-brew solutions to breathe new life in handsets that are starting to show their age. Witness this cool porting of Android 3 (Honeycomb) to the HTC Desire. No, it’s not an amalgam of Ice Cream and Honeycomb, it’s an early full on Honeycomb build. And it actually works … sort of.

XDA developers “CoolExe” has been playing around with a very early Honeycomb SDK port and he installed it on his HTC Desire. So far, CoolExe has gotten the phone to boot and got some response from the multi-touch screen. He’s even gotten it to flip between landscape and portrait orientation. That’s as far as he’s gotten so far, but it looks pretty promising. Next up, WiFi, Network, audio and the onboard camera functions. But if he can pull all that off, that’ll make for some serious street cred. Imagine what he could do with a polished current Honeycomb SDK?

If you want to follow CoolExe’s “exploits,” head on over to XDA Developers.

[via GeekWord]