We know you’re getting fed up with Verizon’s continued delays for the Galaxy Nexus’ US release. So are we, naturally – writing about this stuff for a living doesn’t make the wait any easier. But if you’ve been checking Android Community and other sites daily (or even more often) for the status of the phone and it’s getting you down, now there’s a one-stop site than answers your question with a simple yes or no answer: hasverizonreleasedthegalaxynex.us.

The site’s bleak and straightforward approach is jarring, but it serves to illustrate a growing point of contention between Nexus enthusiasts and Verizon Wireless, namely that they haven’t released the freaking phone yet. A graveyard of rumored release dates populates the spartan website, with the latest being December 9th, the Day the Enthusiasm Died. The latest scuttlebutt, confirmed by a litany of Verizon employees and third-party retailers, is Thursday, December 15th. Let’s hope there’s no cause to cross any more out. A few lucky US residents have been able to take advantage of clueless store clerks or find an inside person to sell them the phone early.

So what’s with the delay? Verizon claims that they’re subjecting their phone to rigorous testing (presumably the same testing that went into the DROID BIONIC and HTC Thunderbolt, right guys?) but a more plausible culprit seems to be Google Wallet. Verizon is reluctant to include Google’s NFC payment app, officially because of security¬† concerns, but unofficially because it’s part of the ISIS NFC consortium, which has yet to release any hardware or software ready for prime time.

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