After Verizon Wireless partnered with ISIS to support their future NFC payment service, there was skepticism whether or not this was indeed the reason Google Wallet was to be unsupported on the Galaxy Nexus. It turns out this little feature may be the cause for the seemingly infinite delays, and until Verizon and Google sort it out – we may not see the Nexus on shelves. A source over at Phandroid mentioned the new target date for the Galaxy Nexus will be December 15th, but don’t get excited quite yet.

The misunderstanding between Google Wallet needs to be mended soon, because many loyal Google Nexus fans are quietly rioting throughout the net. No, this is in no way destructive. But they all have one thing in common – they aren’t pointing the finger at Google, Verizon is taking all the heat. Considering an unlocked version is already available in Canada or internationally, Nexus fans can easily jump carriers if they’re due for an upgrade.

Verizon should at least show some courtesy and announce their future plans of the Galaxy Nexus, not to just keep subscribers from changing carriers, but to let us know what the hold up is. I’m sure many would be more than understanding from the delays if there was a legitimate reason to postpone the device. It would only suit them to reach out to the public at this point.

[via Phandroid]


  1. Im gonna get my transformer prime and put ICS on it before the galaxy nexus comes out. I won’t even want it anymore. Oh crap, who am I kidding, of course I’ll still want it, but not if verizon puts their crapare on it. Hey verizon, you’re a carrier, not a developer. Stop making crappy apps and shift focus to making your network able to handle the load and give us the speeds you promise. 3 g is not 200kbps I’m sorry. Step your game up.

    • Nice plan, if you like poor sound quality, weak coverage, lots of dead zones, and your data throttled to EDGE speeds if you use too much.  T-Mobile may seem cool at first, but for me, despite the Nexus S probably being my favorite device, I had to give it up since I couldn’t handle the bad TMo service any longer.  Your mileage may vary, I suppose.  After switching to Verizon to get a Thunderbolt 6 months ago, I can’t imagine going back to AT&T or Tmo; with Verizon my calls sound like land-lines, and I get a signal almost everywhere.  

      • i’m going agree with you that verizon gets the best coverage nationwide, but the international version is well a great choice if you go abroad often to do business. plus, t-mobile coverage is pretty good in the area i reside. even if i go out of t-mobile coverage area, my verizon tablet will always back me up whenever. 

  2. I agree wholeheartedly! Verizon I have been due for upgrade 2 months ago but I have been waiting for this phone and it’s time you tell us a date or I am taking my loyal 10 years with you guys to another carrier!!! -Anna

    • U have been waiting for 2 months wanna know how long I’ve been waiting? Six fucking months 6 months I am so fucking pissed I’ve read all the rumors since then and still nothing so many missed dates I’m using my moms old pink blackberry right now and guess wat it sux I only had it bcuz of the unlimited data being grandfathered

  3. I bet google won’t let them release it since Verizon started tracking and storing everything their customers are doing! Invasion of privacy. Maybe google does not want to be linked or associated with this kind of practice, especially when it concerns such sensitive information.

    • You are fooling yourself if you think that Google doesn’t track everything you do with their services.

      With these events though, I hope Google will think twice about partnering with Verizon for another launch of a phone, and concurrent Android OS version, ever again. This has been a serious disservice to fans of Android and Ice Cream Sandwich.

  4. What is so hard about giving your loyal, paying customers some transparency in the process Verizon? My OG Moto Droid contract is finally up and all I want is a new phone. Galaxy S2, apparently I don’t need that. Galaxy Nexus, apparently I don’t need that either…

    Wondering what I pay you for anymore.

  5. This is pretty bad, VZW I fear is loooking like the Big Blue at times. IF this is really about NFC payments, why not actually participate in a FREE MARKET and allow Google to coexist with VZW and all the other options out there. Does the term anti-competitive come to mind for anyone?

  6. By the time it gets released phones like ther Razr might have a fully operational ICS OS on them, due to reverse engineering on ICS devices out in other countries. Also with such a debate as to the NFC, if possible VZW should let the nexus be untouched due to the riots, and just put ISIS on other phones they roll out. But in all honestly I’ve been waiting for this phone and at the rate it comes out its not going to slide much favor to VZW in terms of the market because quad core phones are coming out next year and the IPhone 5 will probably out by then and the Galaxy nexus will be playing catch up and be slighly outdated even if it was made by google. 
    Fact: Verizon loves locking down phones and trying to baffle customers with big words.(the NFC item release statement).

  7. Well Google should have known…even b4 the G-Nex was announced i recall reading what a lot of ppl were saying abt Verizons way of dealing with devices…how it will be bad for Google to let Verizon go first…how they like to load their devices with bloat and lock them down. And now we have seen lesson 101 on how not to launch a marquee device such as the Galaxy Nexus. This thing should have long been officially released on Tmobile and Att giving that it has all the bands to play nice with both networks (most marquee devices should hence fourth be made penta-band). Two things i will like to see urgently on the GSM 3G/HSPA+ model is a 32GB internal memory and a bigger battery 1850 mAh and also the extra big 2100mAh battery and cover accessory. Frankly at this point i am becoming tired of waiting for the official release of the GSM 3G/HSPA+ 32GB model in the US. I will like to see more HTC leaks on their upcoming ICS devices…hopefully they have one with pure ICS and no Sense UI. 

  8. everyone should boycott verizon. phone companies will see their phones are not selling through verizon and they’ll switch to a more compentant and cheaper carrier. all future launches will be on time and with it’s intended apps preloaded and bootloader unlocked. internet/tv/phone customers should also boycott and choose another provider that doesn’t want to destroy net neutrality. then verizon goes out of business and is bought out by some other carrier and we have world peace, second coming of christ and avoid armageddon in 2012 and global warming will fix itself. LOL

  9. I think Google should play the game Verizon wsnts to play and tell them that all future releases of any android phone on their network will not be permitted access to the play stoee. Put them in there place real quick. Lol


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