Google is more than just a tech brand now. The past decade, it has since evolved into a lifestyle brand catering to different kinds of people, needs, services, and industries. We have a long list of businesses Google has already infiltrated. For the early netizens, it will always be known as the search giant for changing the way we search for information. The company name is now an official verb. Looking for something? Google it.

The tech giant may be earning a lot and giving money to many content creators and site owners but the brand has also shown generosity through the years. Over two years ago, Google supported special education with every Android Pay purchase. YouTube once opened up donation cards for non-profits through the creators. This year, the company offered free Pixel repairs to Harvey-affected users apart from its massive Hurricane Irma relief efforts. We know Google is donating more money to even more foundations and groups but to encourage the public, Google is adding a “Donate” option on search results.

With Google Search, searching for non-profit orgs based in the US on the search engine will not only show information. You will see the ‘Donate’ option which you can tap and send money to directly. This makes it easier for any generous soul to give especially this holiday season when people should give more than expect to receive gifts. Feel free to check Google for Nonprofits for more information and learn ways on how to donate.

Another important update to Search is the addition of expanded finance information whenever you search for related things. The search navigation tab now shows ‘Finance’ where you can read more information on companies, market performance, recommendations, and stock exchange. When you search for something, click “more” or choose “Market summary” in the Finance section of Search. You can also check your portfolio and stocks in the ‘Your Stocks’ section right in the search result.

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