At one point or another, you’ve probably thought to yourself, “Wow, if all these people who view these make-up tutorial videos donated at least $1 to a stop animal testing non-profit, then they would probably raise a substantial amount of money.” Well, YouTube can actually make that happen as they are opening up donation cards that content creators can use to raise funds for their non-profit of choice, opening up a whole new way of donating to your favorite causes.

They’ve actually rolled out the donation cards to US creators, like John and Hank Green (yes, that John Green, who is also a YT superstar aside from best-selling author) and Madison Beer. What happens is that subscribers or even just viewers will be able to donate money through the donation link that’s directly embedded in their various videos. 100% of the donated money will go to the non-profit organization that the creator chose.

If you’re one of the US-based creators, you will see the option to add a donation card. You then have to choose any United States, IRS-validated 501(c)3 public nonprofit organization who will be the recipient of the donations that your fans and viewers will make. This is a chance for you to shed light on issues or organizations that you feel passionate about, but have never really had the chance to properly promote through your channel.

YouTube has over a billion users already. That’s a lot of donation power in theory, so let’s see how many are willing to put their money where their mouth, or in this case eyes and fingers are. And hopefully, this will expand to creators from other territories as well.



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