We have seen a few updates for Google TV in the recent past including a large update back in March. Yesterday @GoogleTV tweeted some exciting news for today, and for the future. A decently sized minor update is rolling out now and should be hitting Google TV devices over the next few days. Then they mention something major coming soon.

The important part about this seemingly innocent tweet is they mention a “bigger update” is coming soon in the weeks ahead. This, we all know will be Honeycomb. I guess we don’t “know” this will be Honeycomb but what else is major and coming soon. We’ve seen Honeycomb for Google TV leaked a few times and we mentioned the first major leak back in August, then last week a much better Honeycomb build was also leaked for the Logitech Revue.

What we don’t know is what devices will get this bigger update that they’ve mentioned is coming soon but most likely the Logitech Revue will be one of the first, if not the first device to get updated to Android Honeycomb for Google TV. We have also spotted a few Sony Google powered TV’s also running the update so it’s safe to assume they’ll be on the list too.

Exciting times for Google TV users, I can’t wait to see what Honeycomb and then Ice Cream Sandwich brings to the world of Android. Now might be a good time to go snag the Logitech Revue for just $99.

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  1. I bought the Revue for my girlfriends Birthday and we can not wait for the update. We have an Android tablet and smart phones. The thought of the app store on our 50 inch plasma is pretty cool.

  2. Anyone having problems with this new update?  It seems to be rebooting my Sony GoogleTV every few seconds.  I can’t do anything now… I’ll probably have to factory reset it.

    • UPDATE:  It seems to be working OK now.  It spend a few minutes rebooting every few seconds, but is not doing it anymore.  I guess it was all part of the update process.

  3. i can not get on face with my logtech reveu its lets me sign in but i can see or do nothing anyideals i tried a different computer at work am able to get on my facebook accc=ount just fine

  4. fuck this device big fail like google plus – terribly disappointed in my purchase – Google’s too busy tracking what we do to bother throwing resources at new technology – huge fail – 

  5. Google will drop support for google tv version 1 when version 2 comes out. They have been stalling, promising updates so as not to hurt sales of version 1 while they work on their new box. The owners of version 1 will get screwed.


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