Google Stadia Games Studio

Google officially launched Stadia in November 2019. It’s not even one and a half years but the gaming platform has since grown successfully among the mobile gamers. The advantage of Stadia is that you can enjoy games wherever. It’s not just playable on Google and Android devices but also on iOS. The service can also be integrated with YouTube. It delivers a new cloud gaming experience that is most accessible by many people. The tech giant managed to get a lot of partners especially since last year.

One of the most successful games on Stadia is Cyberpunk 2077. More games can be expected to launch but Google still needs to work on several improvements especially when it comes to development and publishing of games.

Google Stadia Improvements

Google aims this year to allow more developers to use the Stadia platform and release games directly to the players. The Stadia gaming solution has been built on advanced platform tools and technical infrastructure. With this in effect, the Stadia team can continue to build a better Stadia community.

A more reliable Stadia can deliver a more sustainable business. The better the business, the more the cloud gaming industry will grow. With this in mind, Google will focus now on using proven technology. Instead of building more and new games, Google will continue to work with partners. No investments will be made on new games that are usually built from the ground up to lessen the cost.

Stadia shuts down internal game studio

Google will only deepen partnerships with other companies and continue to build on the technology. The focus will simply be on improvement of the technology platform, as well as, relationship with industry partners. Stadia executive Jade Raymond has left Stadia so some more changes will happen within. Other SG&E team members will have other roles.

There’s nothing to be worried about if you’re a regular Stadia gamer. Enhancements will be made. More games will be introduced but only from third parties. The future of cloud gaming is still clear with Stadia.