Google isn’t stopping when it comes to improving products and services for the business and enterprise divisions. There’s the G Suite as a more focused and organized system that allows busy professionals an easier and more convenient way to save their thoughts and bring ideas to life. In the past few months, the tech giant has added the Google Cloud Search to G Suite. Users can also now take advantage of Project Fi and machine learning for more intelligent apps.

This time, Google is adding Hangouts Meet plus the Jamboard. The G Suite already includes Google Drive and Calendar so expect more efficiency in business with the help of this service.

Video meetings are no doubt convenient because every employee has no more reason not to join. You can work from home and still be part of an important business conference. Hangouts Meet is a new system of hardware that makes those video calls of higher quality. This delivers timely software updates as necessary apart from the four devices that include an ASUS Chromebox, 4K sensor camera, speaker mic, and a touchscreen controller. The latter is more of a touch interface so people can join those scheduled events. You can also view more details from there as saved on the Calendar. Other functions that can make your work life easier include pinning and muting team members, manage meetings, add participants, record the meeting, and control the camera.

The speakermic is an effective way to lessen background noise and echo during a meeting. The result is a crisp and clear audio all the time. With the Hangouts Meet, you can connect up to five speakermics. Meanwhile, the 4K sensor camera can capture everyone in the meeting room with the 120° field of view. This one is different yet better with machine learning as it can detect people and then crop and zoom automatically to frame each one.

There’s also the new ASUS Chromebox. It’s the one pushing updates to the other Hangouts Meet devices. It also manages those components and allows remote device monitoring for the IT admins.

If you are a current G Suite Enterprise edition user, feel free to record meetings and save them to Drive, host meetings with up to 50 participants, and dial in from around the globe with the dial-in feature of the Hangouts Meet hardware.

Google Hangouts Meet is available for $1,999. Buy from HERE.

SOURCE: Google (The Keyword)