When Google Cloud Search was introduced for G Suite users, it became a really useful tool for users and teams to find and access the information they need form a host of programs and apps connected to your account. Now the latest update brings support for natural language processing (NLP) technology so that you will be able to find the documents or details that you need faster and more intuitively. However, this is available only for G Suite Business or Enterprise users only.

Gartner research says that by next year, 30% of searches in the enterprise sector will start with “what,” “who,” “how” or “when.” This is because it’s much more intuitive for us to use natural language when looking for something, rather than try to compose a more “formal” query. So now, you will be able to do it the NLP way when looking for a specific item in your G Suite, whether it’s from your Calendar, Docs, Drive, or Gmail.

You can search for things like “Docs shared by (insert name of colleague)” or “Emails sent last September 1”. You can even look for something like “What docs need my attention?” and all that G Suite can search through your account will be shown in answer cards. It saves you a few seconds of trying to think of search terms and instead you can look for the specific things you were thinking of.

Google Cloud Search using natural language processing (NLP) tech is rolling out to users already. However, only those on G Suite Business or Enterprise accounts will be able to do so.

SOURCE: Google