Google Pay delete uninstall

Before Google gets into the finance business, allow us to rediscover Google Pay first. We haven’t featured the mobile payment service in a while. The last time was information about Cubit transport cards adding Google Pay support soon. We’re always been careful with Google Pay because the mobile payment service involves money, therefore, it must be kept safe, private, and secure. It is not the only mobile payment service in the world but one of the most widely used because you know, it’s Google.

Google Pay has been around since 2015. It was known as Android Pay but was eventually rebranded in January 2018. The tech giant regularly updates the mobile payment app and we can tell you it is not going anytime soon.

There is just one issue. When you uninstall the Google Pay app for whatever reason, all your transit passes will be lost. Google Pay for transportation is easy. Google introduced this so paying for transportation at a terminal is fast, easy, and convenient. It allows the user to buy or save a ticket on the app so you can just show the phone.

Pay for transportation should work in select terminals but unfortunately, transit passes will be lost if you uninstall the app. The developers may have overlooked this area. Apparently, the transit passes are not stored in the cloud while other items are saved online.

The passes are said to be stored within the device and locally in the app. There is no way to restore the content–sadly. The only solution, for now, is to transfer those passes to a new phone. However, a transit agency must enable the feature first.

Google is expected to look into this issue. A fix or solution must be provided because the Google Pay app may lose a significant number of users. Let’s wait and see for related updates.


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