Google released the Hangouts app shortly after the I/O keynote on May 15th and while the device support was listed as being for Android 2.3 or later, there were some limitations to that. One of which was in regards to tablets. Google had put a note in the Play Store description saying that said tablet support would be available soon and it looks like that update has since arrived in the Google Play Store.

The what’s new section in the Play Store listing still reflects the earlier update, however we can confirm the Hangouts app now works on tablets. Specifically, we have tested the app on a Nexus 7. Otherwise, as we saw with the initial smartphone release, the Hangouts app is replacing the previously existing Talk app. Simply put, if you are rocking an Android tablet and want to get in on the fun of Hangouts, proceed to update.

Aside from the quietly added support for tablets, Hangouts users also have SMS integration to look forward to. There hasn’t been any date or timeframe as to when that will arrive, however the confirmation did come by way of a Google employee. Dori Storbeck, Community Manager for Hangouts and Chat has said the SMS integration will be “coming soon.”

In addition to the confirmation, there is also a bit of SMS integration evidence sitting in the Google Accounts settings page. Perhaps a bit more fun, Google seems to have also included some Easter Eggs. These however, are available for those using the desktop. The list of Easter Eggs includes everything from ponies to pitchforks.


There is also the KONAMO cheat available. That one will likely be a favorite by many and as a refresher, you will need to hit the arrow keys for up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, and then B A Enter. Anyway, while you are waiting for your tablet to finish updating the Hangouts app, check the above image for the full list of Easter Eggs and have some fun with friends.

SOURCE: Google Play Store