This week at Google I/O the Mountain View company released their new and improved Hangouts, which aims to replace Google+ Hangouts, Google Talk, and other messaging services. As usual, Google’s loaded the app full of Easter Eggs, and as expected they are quite fun. Be careful though, you could irritate friends and family quite fast with all these little tricks.

The full list of Easter Eggs were spotted over on Google+, then thanks to Chris Sewell we have the nice little video below showing off one of the many Easter Eggs. Sadly, before you try it on your mobile device, these only work on the web version of Google Hangouts, but that’s likely to change. Who doesn’t love a good trick on their Android device too.

Just like all those little hidden Easter Eggs in Android, Google Search, and more we have the same thing now for Hangouts. Google likes to keep it classy, and you can try all those mentioned above. Change the background for everyone, the ponies running across the screen are fun, and the shy dinosaur is too. Check it out.

Instead of just having one or two like Google Talk, we have the entire list you see above. Including the Konami code, which is also quite fun to try on the Chromebook Pixel. So if you’d like to have some fun with the new Hangouts, here’s how to do it. Enjoy, and let us know if you find any others worth giving a try.