Google Fit was updated only last May with Android Wear integration and experimental step detention. A new watch face for the wearable platform was recently added to help users track their health and fitness progress. Google is also proud to announce they got new app partners that will take advantage of a user’s Google Fit technology and data allowing larger integration for analysis.

The Google developes also included new data types to the Google Fit SDK to improve the technology. This includes the following:

• Distance traveled per day
• Calories burned per day
• Nutrition data from LifeSum, Lose It!, and MyFitnessPal
• Sleep activity from Basis Peak and Sleep as Android
• New workout sessions and activity data from from other apps and wearables

Google Fit can now track the distance you have traveled in a day as allowed by the History API and Recording API. Your other activities, data, and workout sessions recorded by other related apps or fitness wearables can be integrated with Google Fit. Some supported apps and devices include the Xiaomi miBand, Basis Peak, Daily Burn, Endomondo, and Garmin.

Google Fit app can access data stored on these apps and wearables for related use and analysis. Other apps like Lose It!, LifeSum, MyFitnessPal (soon), have started to write nutrition data to Google Fit too, thanks to the History API.

Google Fit

To check the number of calories burned per day, the History API and Recording API will also come in handy as they allow the app to compute the calories entered on Google Fit. It’s the same with sleep activity data tracked by apps like Basis Peak and Sleep.

Most of the apps read your activities all throughout the day, keeping track of any important and relevant data that say anything about one’s health and fitness. Google Fit integrated with these apps and wearables can definitely help and encourage people like you to really get moving. With all these apps, programs, reminders, and notifications, you have no reason not to move.

If you’re a developer, read on how you can integrate Google Fit SDK into your own app.

SOURCE: Google Developers Blog