With the numerous health and fitness related apps, wearables, and health bands, there really is no reason for you and me not to join the bandwagon. Actually, it’s more than just following a trend. It’s about finally deciding to be fit and healthy for your own good. Honestly, I can’t say that I’ve seriously thought about it but with all these fitness goals being set by other people, I’m feeling guilty that I’m trying to convince myself it’s time to get on my feet, work out, and eat right.

For those serious with their health goals, there’s Google Fit to help keep track of everything a person does that matters to his mission. Google Fit can now estimate how many calories were burned or the distance of a run or a walk. All Google Fit needs are your profile information including gender, weight, or height for estimates of calories burned during workouts or all throughout the day.

The updated Google Fit app now supports manual entry of hundreds of new activities. Google also added a new and experimental step detection for walking when smartwatch is disconnected from the phone. This is just one part of the Android Wear integration which most people have been waiting for. As usual, there are numerous performance improvements and bug fixes that come with the app update.

Google Fit 2

For those who have been using Google Fit regularly, you’ll notice there’s also a new way to go over your fitness history. Scroll down through your timeline and you’ll see activities grouped by days, weeks, or months. This way, you’ll see how your past activities have helped improved your fitness.

The Android developers also added a Google Fit widget plus a new Android Wear watch face to help remind you of your health and fitness goals–again, so you won’t forget. Just look at your watch and you’ll see how you’ve been doing or if you’re close enough to reaching your goals because you see, you need all the help you can to stay motivated and finally reach that goal.

Google Fit 3

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SOURCE: Official Android Blog