Mobile payment will totally be bigger. Aside from the numerous mobile payment apps being introduced left and right and getting support from more merchants and banks, more ways are being invented and allowed so people can share and send money. Google Wallet is still alive. Android Pay may be set to replace it but the former is still available on the Google Play Store and on the App Store.

Sending money to friends and family is easier now with Google Wallet. Instead of just the email, you can now send to a mobile number. Make sure the number you are texting is correct because the recipient will receive a secure link for him to open and enter his debit card number to get the amount you sent.

This is something like the WeChat mobile wallet and that P2P payment on Facebook Messenger. We’re expecting more similar methods will be introduced in the coming months so before the market is saturated or gets too crowded, Google wants to be ahead with Google Wallet and Android Pay.

The Internet giant announced that it will be releasing a newer version of the Google Wallet on both App Store and Play Store. The updates are aside from the recent ones Google added which include a new security feature that only needs one tap of a button to lock the app, ability to link another bank account, and enhanced contact suggestions so sending money is easier and faster to people you send to more frequently.

Download Google Wallet from the Google Play Store

SOURCE: Google Commerce Blog