Google Wallet will finally be given its last rites, reportedly by August of this year. Okay, don’t panic if you have money in your Wallet. We’re talking about the physical Google Wallet Card. “Wait, there is an actual card?” is probably the reaction of a lot of people to this piece of news. And yes, there has been one since 2013 but the fact that people are surprised that there is such a thing three years later may be an indication that this is a good decision for the tech giant.

In case you’re one of those who were surprised that there’s an actual card, it’s basically a physical card that you can use to make purchases. But it probably hasn’t been making any money for Google since there are no transaction fees or any other added fees and it was just serving as a way to collect information about what users were using it for.

However, there weren’t really a lot of users, except for early adopters and the ones curious about it. There are even some who say that even though they have one, they’ve never used it or maybe actually used it once or twice. So yes, the card will probably be just a souvenir of one of the failed products that never took off for Google.

The future change was seen in an app teardown that reportedly states that the Google Wallet Card will no longer be supported by June 30. But it looks like all operations are still a go until May 1 and they are even accepting activation of new cards. So if you probably want to have a collector’s edition of it, then go and get one before May 1. And remember, there is still no official word from Google so this may all be unlikely or the dates may be different.

VIA: Android Police