Google has announced the latest Fiber related expansion news and this time around it looks like coverage will be coming to Gladstone, Missouri. Similar to other recent announcements, while we have word of coverage coming to a particular city, the details are on the lighter side. Basically, what has been announced is that the Gladstone, Missouri City Council has voted for approval.

The missing details include the when. In this case Google has said it “takes awhile to plan, engineer, and start building our network in new communities, so it will still be some time before we can hook up our Gladstone customers.” On the flip side though, while the lack of a roll-out date may be upsetting for some in Gladstone — we remind them they should take comfort in the fact that they are at least on the list for Fiber.

Google Fiber will bring Gigabit Internet, which according to Google, has speeds that are “up to 100x faster than the average American broadband connection.” Aside from the recent news for Gladstone, Google Fiber has also been announced for several other cities including Grandview, Missouri and Shawnee, Kansas.


Other upcoming Google Fiber cities will include Austin, Texas and Provo, Utah. So far though, we are still waiting on roll-out details. Google had also announced coverage for those in Kansas City and from this one — there are some details in terms of the pricing. A check of the Fiber price list shows Gigabit Internet at $70 per month and Gigabit Internet + TV at $120 per month.

Looking at the internet and television combo pack and that does mean a two-year agreement. Additionally, the Google Fiber page shows that as including upload and download speeds of up to 1 Gigabit with no data caps. These plans also include one TV box, a storage box, network box, 1TB Google Drive and a Nexus 7 tablet.

SOURCE: Google Fiber Blog